April 2014

David has completed his radiation and is feeling better than he has in many months. We are looking forward to some new journeys this spring!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Video 20: Cancer's Back: Thoughts of a Dying Man

Painfully honest, David shares his intimate thoughts following the news last month that the cancer has returned.



  1. David...I thank you for letting me follow you for such an amazing journey - you are a true inspiration!!!!!

    I think of you every day since your first post (I am sorry that it took 20 videos for me to comment, but you have no comments on this video yet!!! :-))

    My prayers are with you everyday! and PLEASE keep us all posted - Thank you!

  2. Hi Dave,

    Just one of your legions of followers wishing you the best. We have a lot in common, we are both University of Missouri Tigers, cancer patients...well, OK maybe just 2 things in common, but BIG things. I think about our parallel cancer journeys, and how you have provided the world with eloquent insights into the sometimes dark and perpetually scary world of cancer..... I wish you the best my friend, you are an inspiration to many and a LIVING legend. So keep it going.

    Your friend,

    Jim DeWille

  3. ME, a stranger.

    I will remember you and your family. I've learned SO MUCH through your videos and your story. You're brave and, in the immensity and respect that this word has, you exist and will exist because you're an example of life and it's roots. Your whole experience, as painful as it is (since I've been a family member of a similar story), is a teaching experience; you've dedicated to that and I've seen through your videos that it is your passion. You have given the world your best, your most and yourself in this journey. Besides memory, I deeply believe, that this stays and when no one remembers, it will be there, in that case, without a name, but it will you.

    I hope I have the opportunity to reach others with a similar heart and passion.

    Caring for you and yours,


  4. David. Keep fighting. Just another bump in the road, stay strong and stay positive.

    Much love to you my friend.

    - Jackie from assisted living Manchester NH

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