March 14, 2015

Stay tuned for confirmed service plans for weekend of March 28. Be assured we will celebrate the life and love of David B Oliver and share it with the world.


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Video #8: Time has new meaning

In this video David discusses how time has changed given his prognosis


  1. Even if you are just a casual viewer of the night sky like my wife and I, you will be surprised by how much more one can see by just a 7 x 50 binoculars. The 50 mm instead of 35 mm allows more star light in, for dimmer stars and nebula. The 7 power gives some magnification but not so much that would require a tripod instead of just hand held. Jupiter's common 4 moons are usually discernable too. With spring comes the two stars of GEMINI constellation, which actually are double stars noticeable with a binoculars. Thanks for reminding me to grab my binoculars more when viewing the night sky. Take care, Paul

  2. From your videos, I have a better sense of who my wife, a Mizzou grad, may be counseling (as a psychologist) at her cancer clinic or with in-patients at the hospital in South Dakota. Originally a radiation therapist at Ellis Fischel in the 1990s, she got a "calling" when unable to comfort a newly diagnosed patient and vowed to return to college and be better able to. Twelve years later, she got her PhD, got her chance to be sure at a bone marrow transplant program post-doc year, got licensed and began a psycho-social counseling program with cancer patients and their families. Still hungry to do more, is also gaining credits to become a Thanatologist and to help with pain management. If you ever hear that Ellis Fischel Cancer Center or another place close needs a person like her, it would be great to have her back home.

  3. David thank you, you chart for the twenty one days is right on! I am on the twenty one chemo also. Your vidieo has helped my wife understand more. I am on day twelve so you it is kicking my ass. On April 24th I will have number six so superman look out . God bless you my friend I will be praying for you

  4. Hi David!... Just wanted to tell you that your videos and you yourself are inspirational!... you have now a prayer in Bogotá - Colombia who would love to continue watching your videos and who will be wishing you and your family the best.... and as you said, "have a quality day"!!! till next video my friend!..... besos

  5. Thanks for your effort in documenting this part of your life journey. I'm "harvesting" nuggets of wisdom!

  6. I hope that you get better as soon as possible. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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